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Funding and Support

GOMACC has a very exciting list of activities for its membership for 2011/ 12. These include Directors Training workshops, GACC Dance festival and GOMACC Theatre Festival.

Your membership comes with the following added benefits;

  • GOMACC Website: As a member you can submit information about your organization to be loaded onto the Gauteng Diary, creating publicity and awareness about your activities. You will also have access to funding forms which you can download as well as Current Chat.
  • Social Network pages: GOMACC has five social network pages that we use to publicize GOMACC activities as well as those of our membership.
  • GOMACC Monthly Newsletter: This newsletter will have information about what is happening currently in the arts and culture industry keeping you informed. As a member you can also use the newsletter to publicize your organization’s activities.
  • Theatre Visits: Members will be given complimentary tickets for number of theatre shows in the different municipal theatres, giving you access to mainstream productions.
  • Conversation in the arts: This is an opportunity to meet some of SA leading artist and have the opportunity to get some advice and insights on different careers in the arts.
  • Spirit of the America School workshops: Members will have an opportunity to attend theatre workshops at the Joburg Theatre conducted by a cast of American produced shows titled Spirit of America. The workshop contents are, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Make-up, Costume set construction and theatre tour.
  • Access to GOMACC’s Festivals, Training and Networking: and Do-it-yourself Manual on how to run your organization.
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