Holly is the current Treasurer of GOMACC. She has worked in communities since the mid 1980"s on a wide range of projects mainly linked to the successful running of multi-purpose centres. Her project management and facilitation skills have included a variety of community interventions from community radio to youth, education and development and counselling programmes.

She has served on three National Government Task Teams, implemented a National Careers Development Project for UNESCO and Chaired the Gauteng Organisation of Community Art Centres in its earlier years. Over the past few years with GOMACC she has worked with service providers rolling out a series of arts programmes in Drama, Dance, Music, Storytelling and Visual Arts in the 5 regions of Gauteng, hosted the Mosadi Wa Konokono Awards and coordinated and assessed the National Community Art Centre Awards for Gauteng Province. With recent Lottery funding a cross section of training has been invested in the sector together with a web site. Her focus is to develop the organisation into a functioning umbrella body for community arts in the Province.