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Our work during this period consisted of:

  • Working with the Department of Arts and Culture which included an International SA – European Union Community Art Centre Conference and assisting 4 Provincial groupings with their funding.
  • Starting to implement and encourage local government to participate in White Paper activities.
  • Mentoring a number of our member groups
  • Implementing our own funding proposals within the 5 regions of Gauteng

Department of Arts and Culture National Programme
The focus of this year was to engage 4 trainers in 4 districts in each of the five regions of Gauteng totalling 20 interventions over a three month period. This progressed into a further 20 adjudicated workshops in each district. The focus to assess the standard of work achieved amongst the participants. We held regional festivals in each of the five regions which culminated in a Grand Finale at the Soweto Theatre for the winning groups in each region in the categories of music, dance, theatre and poetry.

We continued to collectively assist the National Department of Arts and Culture with assisting in processing funding to 4 Provinces as the remaining 4 were now able to process their own compliance documents. The funding given to the other Provinces also addressed the same format of development workshops followed by training festivals at a grass roots level giving a chance to those in communities to further participate in the arts.

An International SA – European Union Community Art Centres Conference was hosted at Sibikwa at the end of the 2018 financial year bringing the Community Arts Sector together to assist in consolidating the sector. During this conference we were given more time to share with the conference the structure of the National Federation. A further follow up conference was planned this year but postponed to next year. A task group was tasked to have a meeting with SALGA to share the proposed White Paper and look at policy at the local government level that would assist the arts.

At each of our Annual AGM’s we have given our Regional Chairpersons the opportunity to share with the meeting the impact these interventions have made on the communities they represent and to share both the opportunities and challenges they are facing.

White Paper
We continued to promote the White Paper at a local government level as we await the outcome of it becoming legislation. The legislation is to ensure a collective way forward for the arts.

Zero to Hero
We assisted Zero to Hero with the utilisation of their Lottery funding in the previous year which embraced a series of events from school documentary film making, youth days and a cultural festival. In the latter part of the financial year moving into this financial reporting period a youth documentary film programme/competition was implemented. We concluded their reporting in this financial year.

Makala Structures
We continued our involvement with the various municipal regions with the focus of stimulating more interaction and engagement between our arts bodies and the local structures. In some instances a local office has been provided, in another they would use the local Makala to provide artists to perform at certain functions.

Other Initiatives
Our Chairperson is serving on the Board of the National Arts Council and also serves on its Executive Committee. He is appointed as the Chairperson of the Provincial Arts Councils and represents chairpersons from all Provinces on the Executive Committee. With his many years of experience in the arts he is able to share his knowledge within the NAC. He also participated in the UNESCO Quadrennial Periodic Report.

During the course of the year various meetings were held with Council Arts and Culture officials to present both the future White Paper and the DAC Programme. This included discussing venues in their regions and their participation in upcoming events.

We also commenced work at the end of the period on updating both our Facebook page and Website that will be completed in the following financial year.

We continue to be supported by the Department of Arts and Culture in our development outreach programmes throughout the province and the country. There were delays in this current period in processing our application due to DAC moving offices and changes in management. Funds were only received in the December month to be implemented in the 2019 year tipping into the following financial year.

Our 2015 application to the Lottery received no response, together with many other organisations. We understand they have focussed on the smaller Provinces first before considering the larger Provinces. Even though Gauteng carries a large population from all over South Africa we are still waiting our turn. This is unfortunate for development programmes as the stop start approach does not assist continuity. We have applied again during the 2019 year and currently await their response. The same applies to the National Arts Council.

City of Joburg Funding
The City of Joburg funded GOMACC to provide Capacity Building for Arts and Culture Organisations and Training with Showcasing within disabled schools in a variety of community arts disciples. Our programme prepared the children living with disabilities to participate in the event. The event was welcomed as this sector is often ignored when it comes to providing programmes of this nature. It included marimba, choirs and solo, gumboot dancing, contemporary dance and visual arts were on display on the day. The participants all received medals, trophies and certificates.

Our Thanks
Our funding and thanks received this year was from the Department of Arts and Culture. The funding for Gauteng and certain Provinces was to enhance arts on the ground throughout the country.

Our thanks to the Lottery where we assisted Zero to Hero to conclude their Lottery funding and programming.
We sincerely wish to thank all those people who have worked with us in the development of the arts during this financial year as we continue to move forward.

Click here for PDF version of the Annual Chairperson's Report
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